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July is almost here. This means two things:

  1. The birth of our little baby is only weeks away! Crazy how time is running!
  2. You can take a pledge to live more sustainably for a month by avoiding plastic.


Plastic free July

To make it a bit easier for you if you decide that you want to cut back on plastic this July, might help you make the changes. There are endless ways how you can save the environment but one is to just sign up to the plastic free July challenge and get lots of tips and tricks how to avoid plastic.

You could for example try to avoid single-use plastic packaging or target the 4 big take-away items bags, bottles, straws and coffee cups. Of course you could also use July as a start to go completely plastic free and/or zero waste.


How to live more sustainably

That reminds me: have you already downloaded my free e-book “How to live more sustainably“? In there you find lots of tips and tricks how to avoid plastics and other waste and what to do alternatively (think along the lines of bringing your own bags and cup). You also get healthy recipes that can be made with things that you can easily buy without packaging.


Need some goodies?

Sometimes it takes a bit of investing to then cut down on certain things. If you want to avoid plastic bottles, you need a glass or stainless steel bottle. If you want to avoid take-away coffee cups, you need a reusable one. and if you don’t want to use the plastic shopping bags anymore, you need tote bags.

First of all, you should go through your kitchen and check what you already have. You don’t have to buy a new water bottle if you have a bottle of passata in your pantry. This is a perfect size and can be used just as well. You don’t have to buy new glass containers if you have lots of glass jars that keep your food just as well. But in case you do need some new zero waste articles, check out Biome. They do not only have kitchen accessories but also toothbrushes, menstrual cups, wooden toys plus soooo much more. You can also find DIY recipes and lots of tips and tricks for a toxic free and zero waste lifestyle. And the best thing: you are also supporting me. I am an affiliate partner of Biome and get 7 to 10% if you order through one of the links provided here without any extra cost for you.


So get up, look around you and think about where you can cut back on plastic this July! I’m more than interested to know how you will be helping the environment. Leave me a comment with your best tips and strategies to avoid plastic. Good luck with the challenge!

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