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This really is the homestretch now… crazy how quickly everything went by… Even crazier how everyone keeps saying that they have the feeling baby will come even before my estimated due date. I was so prepared to go till 42 weeks even but everyone thinks she will come end of July. Well, my favourite date would actually be end of July as well. 27 July to be precise.

I don’t know anything about numerology but I do like numbers – and some just “feel better” than others. The numbers I really like are prime numbers. And although 27 isn’t a prime number (as I was saying the whole time because I have baby brain apparently), 7 and 2017 are. 27 is still really pretty because it is 33 or also just 3 times 9. And 3 and 9 are my absolute favourite numbers. Also the sum of the digits equals 9. The 27th would also be my 39 weeks plus 3 days and 39 is 3 times 13, another prime number.

Well, we’ll see if our baby likes numbers as much as I do or if she wants to stay a bit longer. Or even shorter and decides to come even before the 27th! There are only 3 more things on my list that I want to get before she comes so I do feel prepared.


The biggest change this week is the fact that I can’t eat that much anymore. I used to eat very little before I got pregnant but now I’m so used to just eating the whole day that it is really hard for me to hold back and not go for seconds (and thirds and fourths…). On Sunday I went to the monthly vegan potluck and sooooo regretted that I didn’t stop eating when I should have. I almost threw up and still felt super bad the whole day Monday.


I’m also feeling more and more exhausted now – I can’t walk for very long anymore and I feel like just lounging on the couch or even in bed most days. But I did start doing some yoga again a while back and this feels really good. (I used to do yoga almost every day until about a year ago when my routine was disrupted when I moved to Australia for good). And I’m proud that I can still do lots of the poses, even with my big belly! Some of them just don’t look that graceful anymore 🙂


You can watch my rather short video update here.

In next week’s update I will tell you everything about my birth plan so stay tuned!


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