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Recipe: Brown rice with creamy mushroom sauce

I am sooooo addicted to this right now! For months I mainly ate potatoes: mostly mashed, sometimes with sauerkraut, sometimes without anything, boiled, fried, you name it. But now I have a new addiction: brown rice. And especially with this super yummy, silky, smooth,...

Recipe: raw mango cheesecake

Today I have a new recipe for you: my raw mango cheesecake. Although mango season is already over, I had one mango left in the freezer and for months I didn’t know what to do with it. The problem was that a friend, who was house-sitting over Christmas, just put...

Recipe: hearty lentil onepot

The German word for stew is “Eintopf”. If you translate it word for word, you get “onepot”. And I don’t know why, but I like that 🙂 It describes perfectly how you make it: chuck everything in one pot. So here’s my recipe for a...

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