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Plastic free July – your chance to make a change!

July is almost here. This means two things: The birth of our little baby is only weeks away! Crazy how time is running! You can take a pledge to live more sustainably for a month by avoiding plastic.   Plastic free July To make it a bit easier for you if you...

3 reasons I don’t have a waste jar

If you go to people’s zero waste blogs, you are very likely to find a post or video where they show you their waste jar – how much (or better said how little) waste they accumulated over the course of a year or two or even longer. I’m sorry, but my...

My new zero waste rule

When I started going zero waste, I went from 0 to 100 within a day. I still don’t miss any of the old things that I don’t buy anymore because not only do they come with packaging I don’t want but in 99% of the cases are also unhealthy or unnecessary...

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